Now I'm no expert but this is how I fixed my Inline Label with CCK edit field issue.

In the "style.css" of my theme I entered this (use whatever settings you need, but you must float left):

label {width: 110px; float:left;}

I learned that it wasn't a class nor an id it was a "label for"... whatever that means. But it seems to work for me. And I also set the "Display Fields" to "inline" (but before placing this in the css it didn't work).

Hope this helps someone, I looked everywhere for the answer.


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Your setting:
label {width: 110px; float:left;}

applies to all labels from your website, not only to CCK Form Fields.

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I would like to add this to the style.css of a theme I am using, but know nothing about how to alter css code.

I tried simply tacking label {width: 110px; float:left;} to the end of the text file, but that didn't seem to have any effect. Any advice would be most appreciated.

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If you are to edit an existing theme, at least copy the whole theme directory in /sites/all/themes if it is a core theme. Then each theme provides one or several css files, nested in its root directory. You just have to add or edit existing CSS properties in these files.