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MD5: 5d88abea4508ea3561332f466746ab3d
SHA-1: f73b47b5a66f9ed2ffb180f4f734dfbc426e9dbd
SHA-256: 456539fe6f13e8075dd12f4f9b435d771c1aa233ae1f82d5af56650bf765f3c1
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MD5: 67bbd091c22ea67d0df387c32c110216
SHA-1: 416eccd19ad0c25c3be4c5dafe51e1543440e30b
SHA-256: 15c969729fc071a02670737ada48dd87816f26258754312d1d37dc0c36044a78

Release info

Created by: fago
Created on: 27 Jul 2010 at 10:52 UTC
Last updated: 27 Jul 2010 at 10:55 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Entity CRUD API changes since ALPHA 5:
* improved exportable entity status description texts - thanks to Bojhan for coming up with those.
* #836754 patch by Island Usurper: API change: entity_invoke() got removed
* moved tests to the Entity API group now defined by core

Entity Metadata changes since ALPHA 5:
* simplified saving of a user account, as user_save() got improved in the meantime
* #796380 patch by jrguitar21: fixed entity metadata token integration errors when tokens with a set language are used
* added node revision log and "creates revision" properties
* API change:
renamed key for additional metadata for data structures from 'data info' to 'property info' to reflect its content equals the returned info of hook_entity_property_info(). Therefore also removed the dataInfo() method, instead use getPropertyInfo() without arguments.
added method entityInfo() to the entity wrapper.
* added the possibility to specify a property info alter callback, that is invoked right before the property info is used. This is used by the Rules module for injecting metadata that has been asserted by conditions.
* improved entity_metadata_get_properties() to return all known properties in case no argument is given
* added metadata to mark properties, which stem from a field.
* fixed the wrapper to update its cached entity id when a new entity was saved.
* #823702 patch by klausi: fixed notice in case of not existing property values
* added body field to nodes by default as it is more convenient that way.
* added methods to the entity wrapper to ease getting the bundle and entity keys.
* fixed serializing of wrapped but not yet saved entities
* fixed query callbacks to use the new EntityFieldQuery().
* #844640 patch by Ozeuss: fixed entity metadata to only add taxonomy related metadata if the module is enabled
* #827790 Entity metadata: Overhaul system metdata to remove the fake entity
Instead of the previous fake 'system' entity, modules may provide metadata using hook_entity_propertiy_info() for the 'site', which is not registered as fake entity any more.
'system' has been renamed to 'site' in order to be consistent with the existing tokens.
Also fixed token integration to properly work with 'site' tokens and to properly chain through in case of properties referencing to entities.
* #846656 entity metadata: accidentially implemented hook_node_access().


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