Sorry but I'm a bit new to Drupal. I'm running 6.16 using the Garland Theme. I recently installed the latest (non-dev) WYSIWYG module and WYSIWYG Filter module. I have FCKeditor 2.6.6 and TinyMCE 3.38 installed/enabled. I am not able to get text to display on the site as it does in the editor. I can see Bold and Italic, but not Underline and Strikethrough. The editor displays these attributes but on preview or save they are not visible.

Under Administer › Site configuration › Input formats, EDIT, Formatting guidelines I have the following:

These are the guidelines that users will see for posting in this input format. They are automatically generated from the filter settings.

    * Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.
    * Lines and paragraphs break automatically.
    * Allowed HTML tags: <a> <address> <b> <blockquote> <br> <cite> <code> <dd> <div> <dl> <dt> <em> <h1> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6> <hr> <i> <li> <ol> <p> <pre> <span> <strike> <strong> <sub> <sup> <ul>

      Allowed Style properties: bottom, float, font, font-family, font-size, font-size-adjust, font-style, font-weight, left, right

And Under Administer › Site configuration › Input formats, Configure, WYSIWYG Filter I have this:

em/i, strong/b, strike, sub, sup,
ul, ol, li, dl, dt, dd,
p[align<center?justify?left?right], br, hr,
div[align<center?justify?left?right], span,
address, blockquote, pre, cite, code,
h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6

I've done the things in the Readme.txt file, including dragging WYSIWYG Filter above HTML Corrector, but do not see Underline and Strike text.

Appreciate any assistance I've spent several hours changing settings, looking at forum posts, etc.



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Re: "I can see Bold and Italic, but not Underline and Strikethrough."

Maybe you need to enable something more in the WYSIWYG Filter settings [1], or maybe there is another filter enabled in the input format that clears that [2].

[1] Edit the node and disable the WYSIWYG editor, you should see the text that is sent with the form when the Save button is pressed. Here, you should find out what the editor generates, and then make sure that's enabled in the filter.

[2] Please, make sure there is no other filter that clears underlines and/or strikethrough text.

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I created a new input format with no filters and without any WYSIWYG enabled and now I can see strikethrough, but bold and italic are disabled, the tags show on the node for bold & italic. Obviously my problem is not WYSIWYG Filter. Thank you for your help. If you can tell me where to look for this I would appreciate it, I don't understand where to find what causes this behavior if all filters are turned off.
Thank you for taking time to help.

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I just had this same problem after install of this module. What is implied but not stated, I think, is that you have to declare the following:


in your list. So change span to span[style].

Everything now works--although I had to declare a simple advanced rule for the style choices that I selected.

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protoplasm thanks so much. I spent hours trying to understand why this modules was not working for me. but span[style] did the trick. It makes sense once you see that you need to add for the styles you set to work.

I would suggest that this should be either stated very clearly in the readme.txt or in fact be a default .... I also added div[style]....

Great modules ...... I could not let my auth's do what they need to do without it...

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Also this module is compatible with CKEditor modules which was not obvious to me. The name sort of implies it is an add on to WYSIWYG module but it is not it lets you create the new filter which can be used by either modules.... hope that helps someone.

I have spent about two days on Editors.... final solution for me that works great and is very well documented and supports spell checking as you type it CKEditor module with WYSIWYG Filter modules....these two give you total control.

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