We're using DevelopmentSeed's "boxes" module (they're like blocks, but exportable) and would like to be able to assign a default input format on the screen at admin/settings/filters/defaults. It would be great to have an API where modules register for a space on this form instead of hard-coded node/comment/block in better_formats_defaults.admin.inc.


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This is coming in the 3.x branch.

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Hows the 3.0 branch coming along for release?

The support for other modules to register for default input formats is a good idea, specifically for me with Boxes too.

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3.x branch may never be here. I am busy on D7 upgrades and other things at the moment. By the time I get time to work on a better D6 branch it may not be worth it since much of this is much much easier in D7 and there may not be enough support for D6. So it depends on the time I and any other developers interested in it have.

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6.x is now unsupported.