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In this section are instructions for troubleshooting specific problems with Clean URLs.

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On D7, before moving to drupal to an other location, I disabled "clean url"
But no, it is not possible to re-enable it :
even with javascript disabled, the checkbox doesn't appear, only the button "trun the clean url test".
and nothing happens when i click on it.
I tried to change the option in database, but it is a blog field, don't know how to change it..
I really don't know what to try now..
Thansk for your help

garron’s picture

I had the same issue. In my case, it was an error in the .htaccess file. I am on a virtual host, so I simply had to uncomment "RewriteBase /" in the .htaccess file. Perhaps if you did move the site to another location (perhaps from a development subdirectory?), you may be pointing to the wrong directory as base.
Hope this helps.

mat.’s picture

Same issue. After submit test there is no result, no checkbox, only the same page is realoaded.

UPDATE: Solution is simple: to uncomment the .htaccess
line 104 (in D7.7) RewriteBase /

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I unchecked that box too and now my site is not letting me go back to clean url's. I editted the .htaccess, rewritebase / line, but nothing.

PS: i flushed the caches many times.

Anyone wants to help?

thanks in advance


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I've got the same problem when my site running in maintance mode after installation of D7 (only Test button, w/o checkbox to enable clean URLs). I turned off maint. mode, and "Clean URLs" checkbox appeared. Then turned it on, get back to maint. mode, and now it works fine.

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My panic-meter was in the red zone, yes happily it gets fixed just as DerGeist described.



Елин Й.’s picture

Thanks, you saved my time :)

Old username: pc-wurm

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putting website from maintenance to live works!

Practice what you preach >> >> Full service internet bureau >>

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Thanks DerGeist..

After 3 hours of trying to get this to work turning off maintenance mode and going back online solved the issue immediately.

Problem appeared after moving to a new domain and turning off cleanurls to troubleshoot an issue with modules not installing correctly. Back to fixing the initial problem :|

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Thank you for this. Without knowing to turn off Maintenance mode temporarily, I'd still be stumped. Much appreciated.

rionka’s picture

same here! i was in the maintenance mode after a clean installation of D7 on Apache and i was quite desperate. THANKS! :-)

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If your Drupal site has HTTP Basic Auth enabled in front of it, the test for clean URL's fails even if everything is correct with the server. I had to disable the basic auth, run the test, re-enable basic auth, and everything appears to be working now.

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Perhaps this could be added to the documentation itself on a page of caveats/gotchas, as, having the HTTP Basic Auth enabled on two sites was exactly what was preventing me from enabling clean URLs. Disabled the auth, enabled clean URLs, re-enabled auth, and all is well on my interwebs.