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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 23:57

Release notes

by smk-ka: More accurate detection of file names requiring retroactive transliteration. Removed support for MS SQL due to missing regexp support.
by smk-ka: Added admin UI for settings and retroactive file name transliteration.
by smk-ka: New developer-friendly transliteration data file layout.
by smk-ka: Lowered memory footprint of replacement function.
#487550 by viadimezzo: Added sz ligature transliteration to German.
#494234 by yngens: Added Kyrgyz transliteration.
#586816 by smk-ka: Keep a copy of the unaltered file name in $_FILES['files'][$name]['orig_name'].
by smk-ka: Moved transliteration_clean_filename() to main module.
by smk-ka: Reverted the behavior of transliteration_clean_filename() to only accept file names without a path.
by smk-ka: Updated documentation.

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