sharedemail: The shared email module overrides the 'user' module's validation that prevents the same email address being used by more than one user. Works for both registration and account updates. Displays a warning to the user that they are using a shared email.

Really it adds a prefix 'sharedemail_' to $edit['mail'] on hook_user($op = 'validate') preventing the core from generating a warning. Later this module roll's back the user's mail to it's original value.

Of course this changed email doesn't pass email verification, so we can just check for this 'sharedemail_' prefix and remove it if needed.



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It sounds to me that all you need is to set EV to a higher priority than SM so that EV's hook user runs first - that is, before SM adds the prefix. However, would this prefix also mess up the comment patch in #458758: Verify email-adresses in guest comments?