FYI - I noticed that a theme I'm creating wasn't using the set widths in footer first and last. It turns out that the page.tpl in the latest version leaves out the grid- prefix and just prints out the width so you end up with class="8" instead of grid-8.


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I'm not sure where this is coming from....

I'm testing on my latest CVS checkout, and it is working appropriately...
The recent changes (over latest several releases) takes out the grid- and container- print outs in the page.tpl, and assigns them all via the backend preprocess code.

Can you paste the relevant section of your page.tpl.php and the resulting source code?
I'm about to also tag beta-11 for other bug fixes, so please test that to see if the issue persists.
I would think that it is potentially a difference in the page.tpl.php that may have been the "default" in a previous version of the starterkit.
Check to make sure the page.tpl.php you have in your subtheme match the footer section in the current starterkit, and hopefully that resolves the issue.

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Marking as fixed... This should just take the editing to page.tpl.php files for your theme.
Sadly this was a structure change after making the grid functions in template.php "smarter", and does require some modifications to certain templates.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.