hi all, i intended to delete content of profile fields when i accidently hit the delet button below that content. this was the button to delete the (admin)user. i didn´t really look after the alert and klicked again.

looking in mysql i can still see the admin user, other than all other users there is a timestamp in the login field of the user-table. (there is only one other user who also has a time stamp - a user which i use to check the site, which is only open to authenticated users.

can anyone help me. how can i get my site running again. all content seems to be blocked. the browser it happend with, does not show anything (blank screen), other browsers open on certain links to nodes with "Access denied". admin user login try returns that the system doesn´t know the username (which is exactly the name shown as user 1 in mysql.

some session cookie matter?

can anyone help. this is really important to me.



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hi all, the problem is solved: i took one database for another. in the important one i had really deleted admin user, but could now add it again manually with mysql. a strange fact remains: when i try to change the password of this manually added user 1 i am asked to choose at least one role - a demand that never occured before when i change password as the original user 1.

i´m glad nobody bothered with the problem.
best greetings


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