I know that this has been discussed many times before but I am a total website "virgin" and can't even understand the answers given. I have searched through all my files and tried a million things and just don't know what is wrong.

I am trying to use PDF to Imagefield which is why I need to get this to work (the images don't convert after running cron) but I just don't know what the path is supposed to be.

Can someone please tell me in plain English what I am supposed to type in that annoying field?


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You are supposed to enter the path to the imagemagick programs as they exist on your server.
If it's not the default location (as above) then it may be somewhere else. Entering which convert on the server commandline may tell you where it is.
If you can't log in to the commandline on your server, you need to ask the sysadmin about this.
If imagemagick does not exist on your server, you must install it (as a root administrator).
If you cannot install anything, and its not supported by your host, you are out of luck.

If your host does not support imagemagick and you don't have the ability to install it yourself, that is a dead end and nothing can be done to help you.

Only your sysadmin can give you any further hope.

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I contacted my web hosting company and they said that the basic hosting package I chose does not get you access to the command line - only the bigger "business" packages have this option.

I had already uploaded the ImageAPI and ImageMagick files to the modules directory on my server. So the full path would be:
http://example.com/modules/imageapi/imageapi_imagemagick.module (as far as I can tell) but I cannot find any file anywhere called convert.exe

Have I hit a dead end and have to give up showing PDF files rather than just putting them there as a link for peope to download?

Thanks for your help

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If your hosting package does not provide this facility, then your hosting package does not provide this facility.
The imagemagick libraries and executables are optional extras that may be available on better hosts, but are not 'standard'. They are not something you can install yourself on cheap hosts.
If your hosting provider will not help you and doesn't already support it, you cannot use this feature. Uploading any number of Drupal modules will not change this.

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I guess there is no hope for me then - I don't want to pay more every month to the host just for that.

Thanks anyway for taking the time to help.


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I just wanted to let you know that I found a free program (PDFCreator) that converts PDF files to images - quick and easy and now I just have to upload the images. I could have saved myself days of headache.

Thanks for taking the time to help me

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Yeah, if there is only a dozen to do, and I'm the only one managing content, I just take a screenshot and attach it.
The automatic process is better for bigger, unmanaged systems.