I cleaned the cache with the delete statements in myPhpAdmin.
After that the thumbnails are not shown any more.
All remarks in earlier issues are fixed in the source of the current version of BG.

I tried to clear the cache from within Drupal performance, but that didn't clean it. So i did it manually. I 'm sorry for that now.

But how to fix it?


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After a week of trying, i finally fixed it.

I changed the image.php source cleaning up the comments.
Then i removed the drupalize function to the end of the source.

This didn't do the trick. It was this statement i changed.

$my_data = resizeimage_wrapper_dbcache(TRUE);

I added the word TRUE

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Lately i'm having problems on my site coming from hackers or what ever.
I had to clean up my cache again and now the thumbnails are not showed.

I'm working with 3.6 and can't upgrade to 4.1 because i have made an extension on BG for supporting descriptions coming from a textfile.

How can't I rebuild the cache so that the thumbnails are showed again?

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