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The authenticated role is excellent for use with the Rules module, because it can be used as a base role for user registration events.

You can add roles that have new permissions to enhance the user experience, for example, to create incentives for the user to register with your site. Create unique perks, benefits, more importantly, a customized feel to your web applications, with roles.

You can effectively manage a large number of roles with Drupal each role having it's own unique perks/benefits. This approach will enable you to effectively manage a large number of roles, using each one as a springboard for user events, starting with the authenticated role.

This demo will show you how to add a new role to a new, authenticated user, whether authenticated via Facebook or Drupal.

This process can be done in 5 minutes with rules.

Here's how you do it:

Add a "new rules trigger"

and name it "facebook registration event", for example.

Then choose

"ON event User account has been created"

add a conditional

"if user has roles"

be sure to select "registered user"

and choose "authenticated" role

--> if your facebook connect app is working correctly, your users will already be authenticated. !<--

Now the condition is made. time to create an event.

Scroll down to "Do"

Select action "Add user role"

again, be sure to select "registered user"

and select the role you want to add.


**Note: Do not unselect "authenticated user"

keep the user authenticated and permissions accordingly.

You add the new role to extend the permissions of the authenticated user.**

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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I apreciate your contribution. But I need some help, please. Just, im trying to let the users the option to change/add new role when they want. I have 5 diferents roles, and one user can have one or more, so, they can need to check new role in the future.

Any sugestions?

Thanks in advance