Hard to title this one,

I have a drupal installation running only webfm to provide an external facing web file manager to employees in the field.

Server is in house, Server 2003/apache/etc

I can transfer files into an existing webfm recognized group folder. Those files appear as a downloadable link in webfm after a cron is ran.

The problem is that they only appear for me the administrator, is there a way to make those files visible to people within the group associated with that webfm folder?

The transfer is automated to run everyday, I can schedule a cron to run after the transfer, is there a script that I can run to change the permission on the files so that they are visible to all the users who have access to that role?

I have already clicked every check box available, it will work if I give the role admin access but I can't do that as it would void the security on the system.

Please help any assistance would be appreciated