Maybe I'm missing something but I have wysiwyg and TinyMCE installed along with this module and I can't get the 'indent' function to save. I have the buttons enabled in TinyMCE and in the editor they will indent the paragraph, but on save they are not indented.

Looking at the HTML code however, it appears nothing is added to the code in the editor to cause the indent. (I've got the HTML button on in order to check as i type.) So I can't figure out what tags or styles to allow in the filter to do this.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm not sure this is strictly a wysiwyg filter issue, but it seems the most obvious place to start.


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I think indentation is done using CSS, so you need to compare how CSS behaves in your theme and the one active within the editor DOM.

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Indent in TinyMCE used to be done through adding "padding-left:25px". It now gets stripped out.

There's no semantic tag for indenting, and if you hit "indent" it *looks* indented, until you save, at which point you'll find nothing has been added to the (typically) p tag, not even a style or classname to make it CSS-indentible.

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I see the same issue wtih CKeditor.

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I was also seeing this with CKEditor, but my diagnosis was different and in the end I got it to work:
CKEditor uses style="margin-left:40px" to achieve this.
This does get saved (it can be seen with the wysiwyg 'source' option and can also be seen directly in the database table - {block_custom} in my case, as it's in a custom block).

The wysiwyg filter options (tab at the bottom of admin/config/content/formats/filtered_html when filter has been enabled) are very lengthy and so is the help text. You have to read it very carefully!

You have to ensure the p tag can use the style (or class) attribute, either with the rule: p[style|class]
or more generally allow any tag to use these attributes with: @[style|class]
Plus you have to select which styles are allowed using the array of tick boxes (or an advanced rule), i.e. margin-left must be enabled for CKEditor.

Altogether a 'sophisticated' module by complex to work out how to configure it!

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