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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:58

Release notes

This issue continues fixing problems introduced in the 3.4 version (after the security update). This version of course also includes the security update and all previous versions.

This version mostly corrects new functionality and restores some of the APIs that were changed in 3.4. This should provide better support for contrib modules that build on FileField. There are some minor CSS and markup changes in this release that may affect sites using the "Generic file" formatter. These changes allow for better display of file names and icons in views and layouts that float content.

Bug Fixes:
#829856: warning: Missing argument 2 for filefield_view_access()
#834018: Data serialized in a field's data column is lost after field_file_load if filefield_meta in use
#833054: argument 2 for filefield_view_access() revisited
#684018: Remove .clear-block in default filefield formatter which breaks node layouts with floated elements
#149789: File extension field too short
#834946: Commas in extension list breaks content_copy exports
#807680: APC setting "apc.include_once_override" causes call to undefined function filefield_widget_settings_save()

New Features:
#452634: Add ability to use alternative icon sets

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