It seems like the Spamicide module does the same thing:

Will this module have different functionality? If so, I would be happy to try it out. I just started using Spamicide on our Shoutbox form, and it works very well so far, after working through a few bugs to make the form invisible to human eyes.



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Indeed! Sounds very much the same.

I guess that the main difference is that my module requires CAPTCHA and thus prevents you from having a hidden CAPTCHA + another CAPTCHA. (at least in the current version you cannot include more than one CAPTCHA.)

The one benefit that I do not see in the other one is that CAPTCHA can count the number of times it misses. And it sounds like spamicide auto-inject itself in all forms. Kind of a waste for all the Admin forms.

What I still would need to do is create a different CSS name on request and change the actual name of the input field (so robots cannot just learn those two things and not fill the field.)

I'll make a note on the front page.

Thank you.

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Spamicide also has some bugs, which you can see in the Spamicide issue queue.

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