After enabling the book module i enabled the book navigation block.

Because the list of books on my site can get pretty long,
i like to limit the amount of books that can be displayed in the 'book navigation block'.
With a read more link in it as well.

How can i achieve this?

I could create a block acting like this with views, however i was just wondering.



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This may or may not help:
It doesn't limit the number of books in the book navigation block, but does allow you to be selective about which book menus you display.

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Thanks for your reply.

I see the module is brandnew :)
Is the module ready for production use ?

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Probably :-)

It's used on a couple of sites already.

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I'll test and report


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Couldn't use this module unfortunaly.

A block per book was not what i was after.
I was looking for something more dynamically, so i created a block with views.

thanks :)