is an international classifieds marketplace that exclusively offers real estate. The major difference between and other real estate classifieds sites is that it allows for both the merchant (house owner, Realtor, travel agent, etc.) and the consumer (all those wanting real estate) to place their advertisements.

The property portal is at home in Amsterdam, Holland and has been painstakingly engineered around the Drupal open source content management platform.

Classified ads in Khusan are FREE of charge and users wishing to add their properties have a diverse array of tools available to fully feature their adverts and get optimal results.

Web design and consulting agency ‘Navega Bem’ are responsible for the development of the Khusan web portal and have spent 6 months crafting the first phase of the site for launch. Further post launch development will focus on additional user functionality.

See the portal at


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Looks Great!

Can I assume that much of the functionality is custom made?

Nice work!


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Nice website.
great work.
how did you do the Search block.?
can you suggest the module for displaying listed property.
i'm looking for a module to show property lists.

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Great job.