Not sure which module is responsible but there is a conflict between lightbox2 and securepages.

Problem occurs when lightbox2 "Enable login support" is enabled and securepages is set to secure "/user/login".

When clicking on a Login link the lightbox window appears and is empty. Closing the window and clicking the Login link again correctly loads lightbox with the login form. This affects all browsers.

I think a 302 redirect is causing problems. When the unsecured login page is requested securepages send a 302 redirect to

Does Jquery load() understand 302 redirect with Location Response? I thought a 302 is handled transparently by the browser.

Anyone have ideas on how to fix?

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I'm having a similar issue but with the contact form. It seems that from any https:// page the modal pops-up but is blank. It works from all the pages that are not on SSL. Any ideas about how I might fix this?

See the attached screen capture for an example.

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I know this is an old issue, but I've ran into it in a recent build. I was able to work around the problem by adding:


To SecurePage's ignore list.