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This tutorial shows how to improve site navigation by using Drupal's included breadcrumb functionality. If you are already familiar with Custom Breadcrumbs or Menu Breadcrumbs, then you are likely familiar with the great UX advantage that breadcrumbs can provide.

This method is easy to setup, especially with prior experience with Rules, however it can be a little bit more difficult to setup than the more focused modules. On the other hand, this method offers a greater degree of customization and much wider array of possibilities.

Here are a couple of examples of how to set this up:

1. When a user visits a "page" content type or an "article" content type, set the breadcrumb to a view of all "pages" or "articles". You will also need a view for these content types with the path of its node type with an 's' at the end.

Event: 'User is going to view a page'
Condition: 'Content is of type' >> select both page and article
Action: 'Set breadcrumb' >> titles: "[node:type-name]s" // paths: "[node:type]s"

2. A more generic method that relies on nodereferences on each content type:

Event: 'Content is going to be saved'
Conditions: none
* 'Load a referenced node' (parent)
* 'Set breadcrumb' >>
- titles:

- paths:

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I do not have 'Content is of type' in my Condition comboBox ?