I have a module similar to require_login that causes drush to fail. E.g., the cookies/header can't be written errors occur.

I've tried the tricks listed for the securepages module, but that seems to only change a variable setting and does not really disable the module.

Is there a way to tell Drush to not include a specific module in it's bootstrap process without changing the website/db settings? E.g., ignore login requirement for command line items but still enforce it on the website?

Seems like there should be a way to do this in the drupalrc but I can't find any docs/examples.



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Thanks. I had a suspicion that might be the case.

Just in case anyone else needs a work around. Here's what I did:

I found that the culprit in my mod was a drupal_goto call. So I added a bit of code at the top of the hook using this that looked like:

  if ( ! variable_get("my_module_enabled", TRUE)) { // Ignore user security check for drush

Then I created a drupalrc.ini in my sites/default directory that had the lines:

$override = array(
   'my_module_enabled' => FALSE, // Disabling security check for drush.

Now drush runs and the site's still secure. Well.. not if someone can set this variable via the web... but if they can do that my security's compromised anyway....

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For securepages/drush compatibility, see also #599948: conflict with drush (headers already sent).

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It might be better to check for drush via function_exists('drush_main'); then you would not need the override.