I am having a small problem with Auth Cache. Whenever a page is cached by AuthCache, I am getting the horizontal line under the tabs on pages with no tabs. For example, on the home page, which for a logged out user has no tabs, I am getting the horizontal line under the tabs and the ul class tabs-primary. I am also getting a span class called authcache-tabs.

I believe this authcache-tabs is causing the horizontal line to appear, even on pages that are not supposed to have tabs. Really, this is just a visual problem, but I am wondering why this is so. There shouldnt be any tabs on this page, but it is calling the ul and the span mentioned above. This happens on every single page cached by AuthCache, and goes away when Autcache is disabled. I am using CacheRouter with AuthCache.

Anybody can check it out by looking at www.whatlauderdale.com. It's the blue line under the scrolling ticker near the top of the page.

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I have the same problem that happens for anonymous users, authcache inserts an empty span into tabs causing the stripe to appear.

<div class="tabs"><span id="authcache-tabs"></span></div>

Possibly related to Edit Tab on Nodes Disappearing after completed page load http://drupal.org/node/694438

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I get the same output.

Line 430 on 'authcache module'

  // Required if tabs need to be generated dynamically
  if ($is_page_authcache) {
    $variables['tabs'] = '<span id="authcache-tabs">' . $variables['tabs'] . '</span>';

Perhaps this code should include a check for anonymous users.

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Having the same problem.

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me to. does anyone have a solution?

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On line 430, try:

if ($is_page_authcache && $variables['logged_in']) {

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(Very minor) patch attached.

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Status: Needs review » Closed (fixed)

patch applied to dev version. thanks!