To completed the CRUD functions for roles, and for a use case I had:

Index: modules/permissions_api/
--- modules/permissions_api/	(revision 18809)
+++ modules/permissions_api/	(working copy)
@@ -25,6 +25,8 @@
         return dt("List permissions assigned to a role.");
       case 'drush:perm-create':
         return dt("Create a role.");
+      case 'drush:perm-delete':
+        return dt("Delete a role.");
@@ -98,6 +100,17 @@
+  $items['perm-delete'] = array(
+    'callback' => 'drush_permissions_api_perm_delete',
+    'description' => dt('Delete a role.'),
+    'arguments' => array(
+      'role' => dt('The name of the role you are deleting.'),
+    ),
+    'examples' => array(
+      'drush perm-delete Admin' => dt('Delete Admin role.'),
+    ),
+  );
   $items['perm-list'] = array(
     'callback' => 'drush_permissions_api_perm_list',
     'description' => dt('List permissions for a role.'),
@@ -175,3 +188,11 @@
     drush_print(dt('Role !role created.', array('!role' => $role)));
+function drush_permissions_api_perm_delete() {
+  $args = func_get_args();
+  foreach($args as $role) {
+    permissions_delete_role($role);
+    drush_print(dt('Role !role delete.', array('!role' => $role)));
+  }
\ No newline at end of file
Index: modules/permissions_api/permissions_api.module
--- modules/permissions_api/permissions_api.module	(revision 18809)
+++ modules/permissions_api/permissions_api.module	(working copy)
@@ -329,6 +329,29 @@
+ * Helper function to create a new role in the database
+ * 
+ * @param
+ *   String representing the name of the role to be created.  Ex:  'site administrator'
+ * @return
+ *   Returns either an object representing the newly created (or previously existing) role, or FALSE if there was an error
+ */
+function permissions_delete_role($role_name) {
+  // Look up the role to see if it exists already
+  $role = permissions_get_role($role_name);
+  if($role) {
+    db_query('DELETE FROM {role} WHERE rid = %d', $role->rid);
+    db_query('DELETE FROM {permission} WHERE rid = %d', $role->rid);
+    // Update the users who have this role set:
+    db_query('DELETE FROM {users_roles} WHERE rid = %d', $role->rid);
+    watchdog('permissions_api', 'permissions_delete_role: role %rolename deleted', array('%rolename' => $role->name), WATCHDOG_ERROR);
+    return $role;
+  }
+  watchdog('permissions_api', 'permissions_delete_role: role %rolename not found', array('%rolename' => $role_name), WATCHDOG_WARNING);
+  return FALSE;
  * This function allows a role to inherit either all the permissions of another role
  * @param


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Hi there!

Can you please attach this as a patch file to make it easier for people to review and download?

In looking at this, I see a few things that should be changed. Some of the comments are inconsistent with the function; for example, the comments for the permissions_delete_role() function don't match. Also, why does the function return the $role object? It should return a true or false, depending on whether the delete was successful.

Function drush_permissions_api_perm_delete() is confusing, because it looks like the function deletes a permission, when it actually deletes a role. I realize that drush_permissions_api_perm_create() is just as confusing (my bad) - let's fix that one too to clear up any ambiguity.

Other than that, the patch looks reasonable, so let's clean it up a little, and I'll be happy to commit it.

Thanks for the contribution!

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Status: Active » Needs work
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Status: Needs work » Needs review
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Please try the attached patch. The perm-create is changed to role-create, and role-delete is added.

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Looks good. I tested using both drush and the api call in an update_N().

I changed the drush_print() text Role !role delete. to Role !role deleted. on line 66 of the patch and cleaned up a coding standard issue at line 64. (Control statements should have one space between the control keyword and opening parenthesis). This module has many such issues but I figure there's no use introducing more.

updated patch attached.

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Nice work -see commit #401114. Released in v6.x-2.10.

Thanks for the contribution!!

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Status: Needs review » Closed (fixed)