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This is how you create a slideshow of multiple images attached to a node. This will create a block that you can place on the node page. This tutorial requires Views Slideshow and Views Slideshow Singleframe modules to be enabled. It also assumes you already have your content type created with an image field and some nodes created.

Create the View

  1. Go to
    Go to
  2. Click Add
  3. Enter in the view name
  4. Click Next
  5. Select the block display
  6. Click Add Display
  7. Click the + next to Fields
  8. Under Groups choose Content
  9. Select Your Image Field
  10. Click Add
  11. Uncheck Group Multiple Values
  12. Click Update Default Display
  13. Click the + next to Filters
  14. Under Groups choose Content
  15. Select [Your Image Field] - list
  16. Under Groups choose Node
  17. Select Node: Published and Node: Type
  18. Click Add
  19. Select True for imagefield list
  20. Click Update Default Display
  21. Select Yes for published
  22. Click Update Default Display
  23. Select the node type that contains the image under Node Type
  24. Click Update Default Display
  25. Click the + next to Arguments
  26. Under Groups choose Node
  27. Select Node: Nid
  28. Click Add
  29. Under Action to take if argument is not present choose Provide Default Argument
  30. Under Default Argument Type choose Node Id From Url
  31. Click Update
  32. Click Update

Set up the slideshow

  1. Click Unformatted next to style under Basic Settings.
  2. Choose Slideshow
  3. Click Update Default Display
  4. Under Slideshow mode choose SingleFrame
  5. Click Update Default Display
  6. Click Save

Now add the block to your site and view a node with the images.

You'll probably want to edit your content type and under Display settings, exclude your image field.

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dazzzler’s picture

i got the slideshow working, but am unable to add a caption to each image. could you you tell me how to do this please?

mash200’s picture

i'm sure you've sorted it by now, but for anyone else here check out the podcast at:

mustardseedmedia provide an incredible series of podcasts which are really helpful, entertaining, and well organised/edited without too much waffle! a truly altruistic web resource. it and other resources are also mentioned on the main module page...

thanks rednahead for a great module and a fine tutorial!

dazzzler’s picture

thanks! also a huge thanks rednahead for the awesome module.’s picture

Aim: to create a rotating banner as the header for the frontpage of a site.

Having watched all the videos and read the tutorials available on this topic it seems there is a fairly basic gap early on in the process which I hope someone can clarify.

Create content type: so I create content type "slideshow". In manage fields do I alter the global settings to allow a number of images to be added to this content type?

If so do I then create some content (a node) of this type complete with x number of images.


Do I create a content type and just have a single image field and create x number of nodes.

I understand all the steps following but all the tutes gloss over the basic set up.

many thanks on advance

redndahead’s picture

The second one. You create 1 node for each slide.’s picture

thx redndahead, I found this
which provides a very clearly presented summary especially in tandem with some of the other resources.

So I actually got it to work :)

However, i now have issues with user access. I have opened the site up for anonymous users and the view is not visiable (log in and it becomes visiable). I have checked both the Views setting (unrestricted) and have changed permissions with
node module >> access content
views module >> access all views

both checked and saved.

Would I be right in thinking a rebuild is the only solution?

redndahead’s picture

I'm not sure. But I can tell you it probably has nothing to do with views slideshow. We don't do any access permissions whatsoever.’s picture

Just did a rebuild but the situation remains.

Not sure I understand your comment, I was referring to the Views dialogue (Basic settings), but i guess you mean there are no permission dialogues along the set up process.

Thinking this must be a permissions issues.

If i look at the source for the page, the divs etc are all there but just not displaying. Great *rollseyes*

Thanks for your time redndahead’s picture

I have content_permissions module enabled but didn't have the anonymous access checked for the individual fields.

Enabling these has solved the issue.

alfaiataria’s picture


I started to work recently with Drupal 7, and with views slideshow, but i'm stuck, because I needed to cCreate a Slideshow of Images in a Node, basically rotate multiple values of one field, but it looks like Views assumes they are all the same. Is it possible to do this in any manner in Drupal 7?

Thanks in Advance

nateB’s picture

To prevent the slideshow from appearing while editing nodes, you can add */edit in the Block's settings in the "Show on every page except the listed pages" text area.

designHatchery’s picture

I'm not sure what I'm missing but there are no content- fields listed under add fields.

I get to step 8 above but this whole group of fields are missing. Am I missing a module?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

redndahead’s picture

You are probably missing cck and filefield and imagefield. Some of us are so used to having these on our sites that we forget to mention them.

aiphes’s picture


i do this slideshow, and after adding images to a node (3 images), these are cropped by image cache profile...
images are displayed line by line, twice...
on dev website , its the same, i include the view in node.tpl via php like this :

<?php if($node->field_diapo_fiche_flash['0']['view']): ?>

    <div id="diapo_fiche">
        <?php foreach ($node->field_diapo_fiche_flash as $item) : ?>
               <?php  print views_embed_view('Diaporama_slideshow_multimage','block_1',$view_args); ?>
        <?php endforeach; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

any idea to fix this ?


Dev Server Ubuntu 12.04 LAMP PHP 5.3.10 Virtual Box
7 websites powered by drupal 6 - Hosted by OVH and Always Data

Mawussé’s picture

Hello every body! i amnew in drupal. i use it with tripal to design a website for biologist. I want to create a slideshow and i 'am on the point 8. I have install cck, imagefield and filefield. But Content still not appears in "field". Do i miss another modules? Thanks a lot for your help.

Varex’s picture

I want to set up a slide for each node I create, the directions above work for creating a slideshow as block but I was unable to make the slideshow as page (so I can have a slideshow for each node I create)
I am confuse about how to do this, anybody could clarify that for me please?
Thanks so much

devagaurahari’s picture

Each image is a node, so its not that each node is a slideshow - the views display is the slideshow, which you can then display as a block wherever you want. You need to upload each image as a separate node.

I.e. new content>slideshow image (or whatever you called your custom content type).

If you haven't made a custom content type, you need to just make a new content type, then add an image field to it, then upload your images separately as different nodes of this content type.

Hope that helps.

pinkcoffee’s picture

Hello. I followed this tutorial for D7, making a little variation (I used jCarousel visualization instead of Slideshow)... it works great, but I can't hide the gallery block when the field is empty. Any idea about how to do? Thanks!!

mcdoolz’s picture

Hey this little tidbit works great. Thanks a lot for posting it.

For dunder heads like myself: There is no Step 15, but under Multiple Field Settings for your Image field, turn off Display all values in the same row.

No really, this is a signature.

sprocketman’s picture

For Drupal 7, try Field Slideshow. Super easy to set up.

KuroNeko’s picture

I struggled for a while with this and found Field Slideshow mentioned here...does exactly what I want and was super easy to set up.