Only execute conditions/reactions if they are actually used by at least one context on a given site.

Some condition checks (in particular, the menu active trail check) can be very expensive on certain sites. Given that context already caches a map of conditions to contexts, it should be straightforward to check that contexts actually use a given condition before executing its condition.

A solution for this should be pushed into both 2.x and 3.x.

#5 context-811424.patch859 bytesSteven Jones
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I've committed a fix for this here:

@Steven Jones I'll let you decide whether a similar solution should go into 2.x.

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Issue tags: +Context-2.1

Adding to context 2.x roadmap

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No more features for the 2.x branch I'm afraid.

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Actually, I might fix this.

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859 bytes

Patch attached.

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