I actually wrote a convio_api module the last few days and was putting the documentation on it when I seen your module come across my feed this morning. After looking over your code, there are several benefits from my code that could be merged together.

I've attached my code. Have a look and let me know what you think.



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Thanks for posting! We have a call with the convio team, who are actually working on another convio+drupal related effort, tomorrow, Friday, May 28 at 1pm. Are you interested in joining the call?

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If it pertains to a non-specific integration. I am not looking to take on any client projects at the moment but I would be glad to further work on the generic solutions of integrating Drupal with Convio.

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In response to Rain's 6/25 email, I'm uploading the Convio_API module which I developed earlier this year. This module implements all of the server-based apis of the Fall 2010 release, as well as provides an API testing framework. It is currently used in two Convio+Drupal integrations. Though this was developed earlier this year, I sat on releasing it while Convio worked out their Drupal support strategy.

NOTE: My company AgileID is a Convio Partner and I'm a Certified Convio Consultant. For the codevelopers of this developer I can provide my Convio test site to test against.

Chris Luther

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cluther and dragonwize, thanks for posting your code! Our doodle scheduling poll for finding a time for our meeting is here: http://doodle.com/2md47kwnc2d23r2d

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Is there a reason this needs to wait for a conference call? Why not continue discussing the differences and consolidating the code in this thread? If it's just that the Convio team doesn't have Drupal.org accounts, that's easy to remedy. It seems to me doing this development outside Drupal.org has already caused unnecessary collaboration problems and shouldn't continue.

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Is this project still active? If so, can we get code in CVS now? It doesn't really matter which code it is; once we have something, we can improve it, but the current lack of code prevents work from moving forward.

I've written add-on modules around code posted here, but I don't want to release those until there's an actual project to list as a dependency. I'm now looking at a new project around Convio APIs and it's really disappointing to see this project has gone nowhere since I last looked at it.

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I'm also very interested in an update on this project.

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Sorry for the lack of involvement from me on this - I have been wrapped up in a few other things for a long while; I will have some more free time again to be able to work on this and maybe bring on others who would be able to support this some more? I didn't realize there was no code in cvs, however.