Running into a weird breadcrumb issue when using Organic Groups with Panels. I set up my breadcrumb for the group node as follows:

Title: Groups
Path: groups

So, the breadcrumb for a given group should appear as: Home > Groups > [group name]

The breadcrumb appears correctly until I enable a Panels page for the Group node. Then the breadcrumb appears as: Home > [group name]

Interestingly, the breadcrumbs I set for content types within a given group appear correctly, both with a Panels page and without (Home > Groups > [group name] > [content name]). So, it appears to be an issue with the group node itself, not with content in the group.

This could very well be an issue with either OG or Panels, but I figured this was the best place to start. Is there a workaround that anyone can recommend? Is this an issue with the 2x branch, and should I just upgrade to 2x? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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I have this exact same problem. Ugh. I hate breadcrumbs. We need a module called "Breadcrumb Ruthless Dictator"

Panels, is what seems to bring the inconsistency, IMO.

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The 6.x-1.x branch wasn't designed to be used with panels. The 6.x-2.x version has custom_breadcrumbs_panels, which better supports panels.

To provide more help on this I'll need to know the specific details on your setup. Is it correct to assume you are using og_panels to enable the panel page for the group node?

With 6.x-2.x, custom_breadcrumbs + custom_breadcrumbs_panels + og + panels + og_panels, I can create a node-type custom breadcrumb, as described above, for display on a panel-enabled group node. Everything seems to work fine.

Note that I am also working on improving support for panel variants in #846948: Panel variant support - but this shouldn't affect this prescription.

Just noticed that in the original post, the breadcrumb should just be "Groups" unless the theme (or custom breadcrumbs option) is automatically appending the node title....