Hello Everyone
i have a database that i was working on and it was with sql server 2000. It had lots of tables in it.
The database is about registering programs, and the projects in it where this projects are located and the amount of money allocated to it.
the tables are programs, projects, locations, etc...
now i convert the database to mysql and i want to connect it with my drupal site.
i was looking around with cck and views in order to be able to work on how to enter data into tables, and retrieve data from tables, create reports.
The more i start digging i feel like i am getting lost.
I need some guidance


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When you do a fresh Drupal install drupal creates its own tables and areas on the database - I doubt you will bew able to plug in an existing database into Drupal unless it was initially created with Drupal. Drupal uses the data in the settings.php, located in the sites/default directory, to connect to the database.

It depends what the original database was made with?? There are quite a few import/export functions out there. But Drupal starts out life with a fresh drupal databse and then imports external data into that.


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i import my tables to the database
and also try to see it in drupal with table wizard module also
some how it shows it not in z way i want or i don't know if i do it wrong
but i am not sure if that was smart thing to do or not...

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You basically have two ways to approach this. First, you could import your data into drupal nodes and you'll have all the benefits of native search, cck, views, etc. Or second, you can just migrate the tables (or use a separate db, though using different tables in the same db simplifies things a bit), expose the data to views with the http://drupal.org/project/tw module, and handle the crud manually via the db api.

To import the data see the node_import and migrate modules.

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If you have already converted your data to mysql, then you have a few options.

- Access it as an alternative database: See http://drupal.org/node/18429
- Or, import your database tables into Drupal's database, possibly with a name prefix to avoid name conflicts and to recognize them easier.

Since your data are not entities which Drupal recognizes, in both cases you will need to run your own queries on your data, possibly combine them with Drupal data and present them, with your own PHP code inside Drupal node content.

For more integration with Drupal you will need to migrate your data to Drupal entities (nodes, fields, taxonomy terms, whatever), but obviously this requires some knowledge of Drupal's internals (http://api.drupal.org).

Possible data migration approaches are

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I am very new to Drupal and i am not able to understand how to create a form and store the data submitted into a table of a database. I donot know how to connect to the database and also i have confusions on how to create the site according to my own wish in drupal