Just wondering how suitable the lightweight Ajax phase is for anonymous users? The install instructions and the project title 'AuthCache' seem to suggest that intended usage is only for authenticated users.

With my testing module AuthCache seems to work well, my only concern is that the 'Authcache Footer JSON' information is appended to the bottom of the page, which includes some sensitive information including the node author name. I think this really should only appear for logged in users.



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Authcache provides page caching for both anonymous users and logged-in authenticated users. It's perfectly suitable for anonymous users, in fact, it can be faster than Drupal core if you use APC or Memcache, since Drupal won't have to establish a a database connection to serve cache pages.

I'll work on removing the node_author in the footer for anonymous users for the next release.

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Thanks that's great! I'd prefer it if the footer information was only added whilst in debugging mode (we are trying to achieve optimum performance).

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)