In my previous project, I found that when there's a drupal_set_message('something') in hook_cron, it will display messages to the user who actually triggered the cron by javascript. I know usually it's not a good practice to write drupal_set_message in hook_cron but it does existed in core modules, for example aggregator_cron. It calls aggregator_refresh which contains drupal_set_message.

Here below is the patch I created to fix this issue:

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Changed the patch a bit, it's better but still not ideal.

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Title: Poormanscron should not allow drupal messages to be displayed to the user who triggered the cron » Poormanscron should not allow changing session of the user who triggered the cron
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Changed the patch again, now it should work!

I used session_write_close before cron runs so that any changes for $_SESSION will not be saved during running cron.
Here's the code to prove the concept, we may write it in a page call back or execute it in devel php:

if(!isset($_SESSION['a'])) {
  $_SESSION['a'] = 'b';
$_SESSION['a'] = 'c';
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Here is another patch which fix the issue I found together with the issue here

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Version: 6.x-2.2 » 6.x-2.x-dev

The latest 6.x-2.x code changes the session to the anonymous user and uses the same exact thing that the Drupal 7 cron feature does.