I am using Drupal 6, Veiws and CCK to create a calendar. The main calendar looks and works great, but the mini calendar on the home page does not look like a mini caledar. It's got it's own block and shows up. However, it's still very large for the side bar and doesn't have any nav at the top. The events show up and work though. This is my first time to try and make a mini cal, so be easy on me as I am so sensitive, even light hurts when it touches me!

Any help to point me in the right direction to get this looking great is much appreciated!


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look at the flood of responses!

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the calendar block is provided by the calendar.module by way of a default view and display for that view. Specifically a block display in the view. You can edit views in administer -> views

I'd suggest before altering default views provided by anything, you clone it. Disable the default. This allows you to always have the default to reference later.

Other than nav links you don't really elaborate on what it is you want. What is your definition of a mini calendar? blocks are controlled by the region in which they are in and in the css that displays the block. Firebug for firefox is a good tool to aid in inspecting elements and altering the way they display.