Release info

Created by: aaron
Created on: May 15, 2010 - 18:12
Last updated: May 15, 2010 - 18:15
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-7--1:

  • by aaron: Create .info and .install.
  • by aaron: Create README.txt.
  • by aaron: Define constants.
  • by aaron: Create styles_containers, and describe hook implementation for API.
  • by aaron: Add hook_styles_styles.
  • *** empty log message ***
  • readme
  • by aaron: Fix up code.
    by aaron: Remove field dependency.
  • by aaron: Key by field.
  • by aaron: styles_presets().
  • by aaron: Store correct styles information.
  • by aaron: Fix styles_presets().
  • by aaron: Define filter callbacks.
  • by aaron: Define formatter theme callbacks.
  • by aaron: New theme callback formats.
  • by aaron: Add a weight to style containers.
  • by aaron: Fix weight sorting.
  • by aaron: Move includes to proper placement.
  • by aaron: Refactor styles containers array.
  • by aaron: Add template file for theme_styles.
  • by aaron: Fix constants.
  • documentation
  • by aaron: Fix formatter info callback for new Drupal API.
  • by aaron: Implement hook_field_formatter_view().
  • by aaron: Rename module from media_styles to file_styles.
  • by aaron: Add load hooks for loading styles from menu for UI.
    by aaron: Add admin & help hooks to styles containers for UI.
  • by aaron: Create overview listing page for styles.
    by aaron: Add callback for adding/editing styles.
    by aaron: Add callback for admin overview.
  • by aaron: Add hooks for Styles UI.
  • by aaron: Automate 'add' option from UI Admin.
    by aaron: Rename $field_name to $field_type.
  • by aaron: Change overview listing to presets from containers.
  • by aaron: Implement styles_ui_preset_add_form_validate().
  • by aaron: Begin implementation of the style preset edit form.
  • by aaron: Placeholder for styles_preset_save().
  • by aaron: Add a style preset preview.
  • by aaron: Fix image style preview.
  • by aaron: Change previews on radio change.
  • by aaron: Add original image style.
  • by aaron: Fix original image style.
  • by aaron: Use $object rather than $items, so we can get overrides.
  • by aaron: Allow overrides (for WYSIWYG and the like).
  • by aaron: Override for image title/alt.
  • #692594 by aaron: Override for image title/alt.
  • #692594 by aaron: Override for image title/alt.
  • by aaron: Fix error w/ no title.
  • by aaron: Add support for HTML5 video.
  • by aaron: Add support for HTML5 video.
  • by aaron: Add original video size.
  • Put an array_filter into image themeing to remove empty height an
    d width so IE doesn't insert a 1x1px image.
  • #743412 by JoshuaRogers: Image dependency
  • by aaron: Remove form parameter references.