For 'Page Title Patterns' the Default is '[page-title] | [site-name]'

I want to completely override this on a certain page. Ive ticked the show field and then when editing the node set a new 'Page Title'. The text that I put appears first as the the page title but then its followed by the site's name.

How I can completely override the page title of a node so none of the default patterns are used?


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There is a difference between Page Title Pattern and Page Title.

The admin page lets you set the pattern (such as "[page-title] | [site-name]"). The Show Field lets you control the [page-title] token separately to the [title] of an "object" (node, term, user, etc).

Unfortunately, there is no facility right now to override the pattern on a per-node basis, only per-node-type...

Does this specific page differ from other pages in terms of node type? Would it be a huge pain to convert it to a different node type?

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There's only a few pages in my site so I can get round this fine, I more wanted to learn the best way for a bigger site im planning.


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Category: support » feature

Been using this module for ages, but just realised that manually entering text in the Page Title field just overrides the [page-title] token. I'd agree that this may be a very useful feature to override the complete pattern, not just the token value.

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Title: Node Page Title is added to Default pattern, rather than replacing it. » Allow overriding of Page Title Pattern on a per-entity basis (rather than just per entity-type)
Version: 6.x-2.3 » 6.x-2.x-dev
Component: Miscellaneous » User interface

That would mean that we need to store not only Page Title's with "entities" (nodes, users, terms, etc) - but also an optional Page Title Pattern.

The knock on implication for this would be that if you decided to change the pattern for all Blog node types (for example), you may have set specific patterns on individual Blog posts. Maybe we'd need a way to "reset" batches of patterns (Eg reset all Blog posts to the default template).

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I'd like to second that... allowing a complete override adds perfect flexibility. For example, I have a site that has many hundreds of pages of a similar type for which I use a complex page title pattern such as [field_sometaxonomy-term-raw] Some Text - Some More Text [field_someothertaxonomy-term-raw] and it's fantastic as I can simply change the pattern rather than opening each node and editing manually if I, say, want to tweak the SEO a bit. It's a very scalable solution. Brilliant.

But in about 1% of the cases, the pattern doesn't produce the optimization needed from an SEO standpoint so for this 1% it would be ideal to be able to just add the page title manually to the node and have it override the global pattern. At present, the node page title input is totally ignored given the pattern above.

The pattern is [field_sometaxonomy-term-raw] Some Text - Some More Text [field_someothertaxonomy-term-raw] and say for a specific node of the same content type, we need Some Text - Some More Text - And Some completely different text.

Right now we can either remove the complex pattern and input simply [page-title] as the pattern but completely lose the scalability, I'd have to input hundreds of page titles manually and if I wanted to make a global change, do it all over again. Ouch. Or, I'd have to create a different content type for this 1% that doesn't fit the pattern and use as the default page title [page-title] which solves the issue above, but creates all sorts of new issues, with Views tables (de facto same content, two content types, two different columns) to name just one.

A clean 100% override, not just of the [page-title] but of the whole pattern if there is a value in the node's page title would really make this a perfect module. 100% scalable and 100% flexible. Seems to be the governing logic of Drupal as well. Theming, pathauto, etc. work on these same principles.

I hope you consider this feature... would be fantastic.

Many thanks

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Version: 6.x-2.x-dev » 7.x-2.x-dev

Just wanted to add in that this feature is still something I think every site needs. With all the SEO tweaks that may be needed across a really large site, overrides on a page by page basis are a must.

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Here is a patch that let you override a page title pattern on a given node.
This apply to the 7.27 version.

It is just a quick-and-dirty fix, but it works for me.