There are quick a few modules like simplenews, massmail, mailman etc. so I am confused as to which one is most suitable.
I am using 4.7 and need to send newsletters/ezines to list of email addresses. Most of these email addresses are NOT members of my site.

1) Can someone advise a module that allows me to add email addresses (preferably via import of email addresses from Text or Excel file) ?

2) Alternatively, I may use an external (non-Drupal) emailing list software so can someone advise how I can export my Drupal site members email addresses into Text or Excel file?

Would greatly appreciate any help.


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Simplenews will allow you to import addresses from outside Drupal & if you apply the recent patch (http://drupal.org/node/49980/), then you can auto-subscribe your existing users to your newsletters as well. Plus, the newsletters are nodes, so you can sort & organize them just like normal drupal pages.

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A recent 4.7 module called Profile CSV allows you to export email addresses simply. Works like a charm!!

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this combo is just great!!