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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:54

Release notes

Entity CRUD API changes since ALPHA 4:
#741660 patch by Amitaibu: Add 'is-new' property on entity-create
fixing compatibility with the recent drupal 7 HEAD (entity info 'object keys' is 'entity keys' now)
added support for exporting entities to code via the general entity_export() function. includes a test.
added a theme function for rendering the entity exportable status
added entity_var_json_export() for pretty printing JSON for exporting
#769120 fix entity loading for exportables such that defaults are always overridden, improved tests to cover passing conditions.

Entity Metadata changes since ALPHA 4:
added a property for the vocabulary-machine-name of taxonomy terms
fix to not accidentially implement hook_file_delete().
fixed warning when running token replacements
fixing compatibility with the recent drupal 7 HEAD (entity info 'object keys' is 'entity keys' now)
fixed the options list to not depend on available data
fix E_STRICT compatibility by cleaning up references. As now references cannot be used optionally getters cannot return data by reference any more. If "references" are required though the EntityMetadataArrayObject may be used to wrap arrays so that changes to the wrapper are reflected in the passed array immediately.
also remove the reference from the data argument of entity_metadata_wrapper() as it not needed any more
give custom defined property info defaults precedence

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