I have CCK3 installed on my website and was wondering if it is possible to downgrade to CCK2?

I have read that the only difference from CCK2 and CCK3 is that CCK3 allows for multigroups which is not yet stable. Therefore, if possible I would like to downgrade to CCK2.

Can anyone please help me?



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Last time I checked (4 months ago) there were no database changes, just code changes. So to switch back to CCK2 all you need to do is delete the cck folder and then drop in the cck2 files in it's place.

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To confirm - there are no database changes for the multigroup support in cck3?

I use drush and usually update contrib modules with:

drush dl cck-6.x-2.x-dev [ENTER]
drush updatedb [ENTER]

Is this ok? Or do I need to disabled cck, delete the cck3 folder, upload the cck2 folder, enabled cck? Is disabling/enabling not worth the time?

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kindly bumping to confirm the process

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Subscribing... I need to do this, too. I'm also assuming that any multigroups already created on the site need to be deleted as well.


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yes, I have cck3 and created multigroups before. I have deleted the multigroups now.
If I just delete the cck3 folder and replace with cck2..will there be any negative impacts?
For example are there tables that will linger in the database? Or will running update.php take care of all this?

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anyone here tried it yet?
i'm not a programmer so i'm afraid if i try it and it breaks something i wont be able to fix it

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I have replaced cck3 with cck2 and I have had no problems.

What cck3 does is that it uses the unlimited field settings to store the multiple values of multigroups. The difference is that it presents it in a grouped manner. This is also the reason why you can't have unlimited fields within a multigroup.

I hope this explains.

PS. As a word of advice, be sure to backup your database before you do the change just in case. ;)

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anyone know with certainly the steps to downgrade from cck3 to cck2?

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I believe (not tested) that all you need to do is move the fields out of the multigroup group and put them somewhere else and then delete that group. The fields themselves should be unaffected by the change.

If you skip that step and just swap out the code things will probably work but you will have a 'ghost' fieldgroup in your database.

And absolutely, yes, do a db backup first and do sufficient testing immediately after making the change that you're comfortable that things still work right. Don't come back 2 or 3 months later to report something quit working when you made the change and try to figure out how to fix it when your backup is no longer usable.

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One thing that multigroup allows that is not possible in CCK2 is related to things like optionwidgets that accept multiple values. In multigroups you could have selected the same value in different subgroups, but note that when such a field was moved out of a multigroup, it could look like a multiselect element, or a checkboxes element, where it is impossible to select the same value more than once.

And this is the reason why certain fields cannot really be moved out of a multigroup in CCK3, because there could be this kind of inconsistencies.

That being said, if you know you do not have this kind of fields with data with repeated values, there should be no problem to replace CCK3 with CCK2. Both branches are in sync, the only difference is related to inner tech stuff that was necessary to get multigroups working.

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