We are a very new french web-design company located in France.

We would like to know your price to integrate e-commerce features of ubercart/drupal with dolibarr.

They made allready connectors for e-commerce cms like prestashop oscommerce and they did integrated it with joomla also.

We think that they most easy was is a drupal module to sync dolibarr via web services protocol

Features needed:

Sync of usernames and facturation info fields from Ubercart.
Sync of product lists and categories, stocks, shops, viceversa.
Update of Ubercart finished commands to Dolibarr (Facturation Purposes and Statistics purposes)

Thanks for mailing us your price, and delivery date upon your schendule.

Make sure that for emailing us you use ciprian {at} phoenixtech dot fr and NOT THE profile/contact page (email we used to register on drupal.org site)

Thanks Daniel for doing it :)


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+1 for a Drupal module for this

Meanwhile there is a free Dolibarr module which "allow to synchronize your dolibarr database with other(s) database(s)." Including Drupal database. Details at http://www.dolistore.com/crm-customer-relationship-management/122-Databa...

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Sorry, your link is broken...