The Preview and Delete buttons are gone at www.example.com/user/%/profile/profile but still shows on the node edit www.example.com/node/%/edit This must be a bug in the module right?

I hope someone can please help!

Thank you

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Title: preview and delete buttons are gone » preview and delete buttons missing

I also do not see the Delete button at www.mysite.com/user/%/profile/profile
Is there a reason for this? Can someone please help to get the Delete button back?

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kindly bumping - I am needing the [Delete] button for the content profile edit page and only see [Save] (no delete button) as admin and other users.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Those buttons have been removed there, as they are easily confused with deleting the user.

I see that it might be useful in some cases, however showing it by default there isn't good as it would just confuse the usual user.

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Status: Closed (won't fix) » Active

Hi fago,

I really hope you would re-consider adding this functionality, possibly as an optional button. I think users should be able to delete their content profile if they have been given permission to do so, and not shown if they don't have the permission. On my site users have the option to create a profile, but at the moment once they create a profile they are stuck with it =(

I understand your worry about the misunderstanding people might have with the deleting of the user. Maybe as a default the delete for the content profile can be named 'Delete [content-profile-type-name]' so for example 'Delete Profile'.

Thank you

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

>at the moment once they create a profile they are stuck with it

Indeed, but that's usual for profile data. The core profile module has no delete functionality either. It's easily possible to implement it based upon content profile yep, but I don't think that it is something the module needs to support itself.

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ok cool, I hope I find some workaround =/

A major strength I saw in this module is that it allows users who are members of a site the choice to create a profile or not to create a profile. I just find it difficult to understand that when the 'create a profile' path is taken there is no going back for the user. Users that choose not to create a profile are not forced to be linked to a content profile node, where as users that don't want a profile anymore still have a profile even if they delete all the fields.

I thought adding this functionality would allow this module to be more flexible in its use, but I do understand that it is not a direction you would like the module to go in. Thanks for your quick replies!

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Attached is a small module that, on a per content_profile content type basis, can add back in this "delete" functionality.

For each content_profile content type, you can choose...

[] no delete button/link
[] add delete button
[] add delete link

You can also enter the text you would like to use for the delete button/link, and specify a path to redirect to after deletion. (Defaults to deleted node's author's user account page.)

Please let me know if you see any way this module can be improved, or needs to be fixed.

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very cool! thanks nicedawg

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This looks like it will be useful after a few things are edited.

After clicking the delete button, the message given is "redirect says delete_redirect=". It would be nice if this was removed. It would be great if I could enter my own custom message here.

The title given is "Are you sure you want to delete TestGuide10" TestGuide10" is the name of my user's account. They aren't actually deleting their account, so I think it should read "Are you sure you want to delete your profile?"

If "add delete link" is suggested, the "Delete Profile" link shows on the left side of the "Save" button. I would prefer it on the right side. Some people just click the first link all the time.

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taite11 - could you please roll a patch with your suggested fixes?
Thank you very much!

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Status: Closed (won't fix) » Needs work

There are lots of reasons why these buttons should at least be available if not enabled by default:

  • Preview button: you want to verify how the changes look before saving (duh),
  • Delete: as mentioned in comment #7, when profile nodes are not automatically created and each user has to manually create one there needs to be a way for them to also delete their personal profile.

I'll see if I can whip up a patch to at least make these optional.

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Status: Needs work » Needs review
2.27 KB

The attached patch adds two new checkboxes to the content profile edit page (e.g. admin/content/node-type/profile/profile) to allow the Delete and Preview buttons to be disabled. By default both buttons are disabled, which retains backwards compatibility with the current release, but gives the rest of us a way to fulfill our clients' needs. Please review.

Patch sponsored by Bluespark Labs.

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Updated patch that resolves a small mistake in hook_form_alter().

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hi there,

when a user saves its own content profile (no button preview nor delete), it does not show the created content but keeps it in editing mode + displaying a message that the content has been saved/updated.

am i the only one is this situation?

EDIT: if the profile is edited from anywhere else, preview button is enabled and saving leads to the node view (not editing mode)

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Applied most recent patch which does have buttons reappearing but 'delete' isn't taking. User ends up staring at the same edit screen as described in miaoulafrite's post above.

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Attached is an update to patch from #14 so that delete button works now. The hook_form_alter was setting the #redirect setting on the form, which was overriding the redirect from the node_form_delete_submit() function.

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I applied the patch #17 to 6.x-1.0 but no preview button appearers on user/%/profile/my-profile-type and also no configuration on admin/content/node-type/my-profile-type ... How can I get this work?

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This problem is still unresolved? Is it impossible having preview in create new account form, with content profile?

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Priority: Normal » Major

I think the solution is: upgrade to Drupal 7 :(

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Thanks for your reply, but I can not find this feature in Drupal 7

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@nick2006: Drupal 7 allows you to add fields directly to the user entity, or you can use the Profile2 module. In either case, I wrote a module to convert from Content Profile to either user fields or Profile2: http://drupal.org/project/cp2p2

But we're getting way off topic.

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@DamienMcKenna: cp2p2 is a good module for upgrade.
I've now added two fields to the user entity in D7, but how to display the preview button in user registration page?