My calendar views are creating RSS links that include both of the arguments that I am providing to their calendar pages.

For example, here are a couple of calendar pages on my site:


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This bug still exists in 7.x. When I remove all arguments in the iCal view then the argument is appended to the end of url. The iCal looks like ".../calendar.ics/2012-12" (I set the path to "calendar.ics")

Maybe in 7.x it's a problem of the module "date_ical".

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Mh, I found the reason why the arguments are appended.

In 7.x the module "date_ical" calls the function "attach_to" which calls the function "get_url" of views. This function replaces the "%" with the arguments and if arguments are remaining then they will be added to the url.

This is a views "bug" - maybe also in 6.x. Either we implement an own function for creating the url, creating an option (maybe also a new function) or file this as a bug in the module "views".