I have a view with 10 products, 5 visible per page, with ajax pager enabled. One of the fields in my view is "add to cart form button", supplied by uc.

On the first, page, works great: clicking on add to cart updates the cart as expected without a page reload.

However, going to the second page of the view, with the dynamic (ajax pager), and then clicking on "add to cart", adds the item to cart, but instead of dynamically updating the cart block, loads the "cart" page.


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Component: Code » Miscellaneous
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Sorry this module can not handle this problem now. But i am aware of this.

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But you can try this code in your view template

<script type="text/javascript">
var options = { 
						url : Drupal.settings.uc_ajax_cart.CALLBACK, 
						beforeSubmit : function() { 
														'<div class="messages status">' + Drupal.settings.uc_ajax_cart.ADD_MESSAGE + '</div>')                                 
                                                 } , 
						success : ajaxCartFormSubmitted,
						type : 'post'
jQuery('form.ajax-cart-submit-form').ajaxForm( options );
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Status: Active » Fixed

Will be fixed in 2.0-beta1

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.