With latest dev version of i18n (2010-Apr-12) installed, all pages with content taxonomy fields breaks (WSOD) for pages such as content type field settings page, node page, and node edit page.

I created an issue report at i18n at #780726: latest dev results in WSOD for all pages that has content taxonomy fields but I also thought it might be content taxonomy's compatibility with i18n.



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Category: support » bug
Priority: Normal » Critical

I think this is because the function tt() that was implemented by module i18nstrings, it has now been replaced by i18nstrings().

Marking as critical because the site is broken unless this bug is fixed.

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same here, change function in line 472

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@ayalon - could you please create a patch for the community to review? i will definitely be the first in line =)

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Title: latest i18n dev breaks content taxonomy fields » Replace obsolete functions tt() & to() with i18nstrings() & i18nstrings_update() - WSOD(!)

Hierarchical Select looks to also be affected by this #768948: Replace obsolete functions tt() & to() with i18nstrings() & i18nstrings_update() and probably many more modules.

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We need to wait for an official answer from the maintainers of the Internationalization module here: #358839: Fatal error: Call to undefined function tt()

PS: ...setting tag for issues so we can monitor the progress.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

It's been dealt with in latest 2010-Apr-30 dev of the i18n module.

Well... at least the tt() function. Now, to() and ts() functions need to follow as it says in the related issue: #358839: Fatal error: Call to undefined function tt() that still remains in 'needs work' state due to this reason.

Also from the dev's changelog:

... Restore back function tt() to prevent "Fatal error: Call to undefined function tt()" in other modules, by markus_petrux, #358839 ...

PS: setting this issue to 'won't fix' as it should be fixed in i18n module (should be so in the first place)

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Status: Closed (won't fix) » Postponed

...on second thought, I guess it should be done at some point, since tt(), ts() and to() functions are being deprecated. So setting to 'postponed' sounds better.

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can I for now remove the tt function from context taxonomy and reinstall the i18n tt function as stated on: http://drupal.org/node/358839#comment-2910252
greetings, Martijn