First, thank you guys for the wonderful feature of the lightbox2 trigger field -- it's a godsend!

Okay, now for my question (and sorry if I put this issue in the wrong category, I wasn't for certain if it's a bug, a failure on my part or if having 2 triggers just won't work):

I'm using the Image module and the contributed Image Gallery module to manage my images. I've been working for most of the day to figure out how to get the body of an Image node into a lightbox with the image. The lightbox2 trigger field is definitely the answer to my needs, however, I've run into a bit of a snag.

For the gallery pages (the pages showing the images within a gallery), I am trying to make it so that users can either click on the title or the image to view the image stuff in a lightbox. The trigger for the title field works perfectly but the trigger for the image field does not work. I've double- and triple-checked the view to see if it was an error on my part but I wasn't able to see anything different between the two triggers. I've cleared the views cache and the normal cache and it doesn't change anything.

Included in the attachment is a text file with the view I am working on.

Thanks again!

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Title: 2nd Lightbox2 trigger field does not work » Image Lightbox2 trigger field does not work
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Changed title to better reflect problem; I can't get the image to open the lightbox trigger - it keeps opening the default lightbox. Included new view text file.

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Title: Image Lightbox2 trigger field does not work » Views trigger does not work when using the same trigger size in automatic image handling
Category: bug » feature
Issue tags: +views, +lightbox trigger

Ah-hah! I've discovered the cause of the problem and have changed the status accordingly!

My default "Image Trigger Size" (Administer > Site Config > Lightbox2 > Automatic image handling > Image node settings) was the same as the field I was using as a lightbox trigger in my view (both were set to thumbnail). The lightbox view trigger was not overriding the image trigger size designated in site config.

Is there a possibility of having the views lightbox trigger field override the default Image trigger size if both are set the same?

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I have the same problem using Image Gallery. The default lightbox shows up completely ignoring the popup settings.

How do I get around this? I have a gallery of thumbnails that when clicked, should trigger the lightbox to give me what is inside that popup box.

Thanks for your help.

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Mrwhizkid, check to make that your LB Trigger Field in the view is not the same as the Image Trigger Size under admin/settings/lightbox2/automatic. I've included an image I made that pulls together different screenshots from the view, Image File Size and Settings, and the automatic image handler in admin/settings/lightbox2/automatic so you can kind of see how I got it to work. (I spent like... FOREVER... figuring it out and I don't want anyone to have to go through the same hassle). If the attached image is confusing, I've also attached the most recent version of the image_gallery view I customized for you to peruse. Make sure you name it something different from image_gallery though so it doesn't mess with the image gallery views you may already have.

If you're positive that the LB Trigger in the view is different from the one in the automatic image handler settings, then I've got no idea what your problem could be. You could export the view you're trying to use the LB trigger with and attach it here to peruse? IDK... I'll try to help however I can!

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Wow! Thanks for the detailed help. This will really help me. I am going to work through this during the afternoon and I'll let you know how it goes. I really appreciate it.

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Did you get everything to work?

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Sorry for the late reply.

I'm still having trouble with this. Even after I tried making the changes that you suggested and even imported your view to play around with I am still having the same problem. Your instructions were crystal clear but for some reason the Lightbox is still giving me the default view.

I am still playing around with it and if I can't get it to work within the next day or two, I will post the code here.

Thanks again!

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What's your status?

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I am struggling with the same thing... and since installing the dev version of Lightbox2 my IE 8 only covers about half the screen with the overlay. That's a separate issue I think...but I wasn't having any problems with that until I started monkeying around trying to get the Trigger to work.