I'm was using the latest Recommended version, and have now switched to the latest Development version to see if that fixed the problem, but it doesn't.

I've set up my alias file with my remote server information. I left the local information out as I did not see it necessary.

I navigate to the root folder of my drupal installation and run /scripts/drush rysnc default @matthew which indicates my local and remote servers. I get the notice about the destruction of data on the remote server (there is nothing there yet). I tell it to proceed and get the error message that rsync is not found.

Drush has been installed on both servers.

Any ideas of what I may have done wrong?


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ran --debug

Here's the message:

Calling system(rsync -e 'ssh ' -azv --exclude="*.svn*" --exclude="settings.php" --stats --progress /var/www/sandboxes/ccoppenbarger/drupal// ccoppenbarger@matthew.web:/var/www/drupal/)
sh: rsync: command not found
Command dispatch complete [20.5 sec, 4 MB] [notice]
Peak memory usage was 4.01 MB [20.5 sec, 4 MB] [memory

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Okay, you might want to specify in your documentation that rsync is also a system command that needs to be installed.

I did a apt-get update/apt-cache search rsync/apt-get install rsync to install it.

It was not a command I was familiar with and it was not installed.

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