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The locations of settings for administration of comments in Drupal 6 are as follows:

  • control access for various comment module functions through access permissions administer >> user management >>permissions.
  • administer comments administer >> content >> comments.
  • administer comment settings administer >> content >> content types and then choose the content type for specific content settings.
  • enable the recent comments block: administer >> site building >> blocks

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"Your comment has been queued for moderation by site administrators and will be published after approval"

How do you get this message to display after comment is posted?


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Hello that's a tricky one as the comments template is not that themeable. Have a look at this thread e

Hope this helps

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dear friends,
about one year ago our website have been attacked by spams which left thousands of comments on many pages.
after some captchas and restrictions, I have no more problems.
I've got to erase the large amount of spams that once invaded my website, and I want to do it quickly.
but the list of comments to be (un)approved is very little: it only displays about 50 comments/page.
How can I get to expand it ? Is it possible to have more comments displayed in each page ?
Thanks for your support !

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I have the same problem with my page
I was spammed with maybe 1000 comments, and I can only erase 50 at a time.
Is there a way to clear the whole comments approval queue?


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and I would be very happy to know how, if you found a quick solution (using Drupal v. 6)

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I have the same issue with even a greater number of comments to go through. Even trying to delete them 50 at a time often gets an error message. Does anyone have a fix for this? Thanks.

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If you just want to delete this comments you can modify temporarily the comment_admin_overview function in file, in comment module. Once there, replace both appearances of 50 for the number of comments you want to delete (for example: 300).

$result = pager_query('SELECT c.subject, c.nid, c.cid, c.comment, c.timestamp, c.status,, c.homepage, AS registered_name, u.uid, n.title as node_title FROM {comments} c INNER JOIN {users} u ON u.uid = c.uid INNER JOIN {node} n ON n.nid = c.nid WHERE c.status = %d'. tablesort_sql($form['header']['#value']), 300, 0, NULL, $status);
$form['pager'] = array('#value' => theme('pager', NULL, 300, 0));

Comment is a core module so, once you are done, you should leave it as it was!.
If you want to have it as a definitive solution, you should write a small module.

You can delete all comments as well directly in database, using phpMyAdmin or similar.

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If the spam comments were submitted by a small number of user accounts, the User Delete module can help:

Simply delete the user, then select the "block user and unpublish all submitted content" option.