The documentation needs to be updated for the new stuff in the 6.x-4.x releases. I'll be adding here notes and screenshots as they're being produced so we can properly document everything later

Notifications, new in 4.x (Release notes):
- Added content type + author subscriptions and some shorthand functions.
- Added Custom Notifications and Content type extension modules
- New template testing feature (for node events) in Notifications Tools
- Extended notifications_* hooks, easier coding and performance improvements
- Reworked templates, configurable templates for events (support for templates per content type)
- Support for Anonymous destinations / subscriptions. New notifications_anonymous module
- Reorganized modules: notifications_digest, notifications_tools (Smaller notifications module)

Messaging, new in 6.x-4.x (Release notes):
- Extended templates with language and translations
- Major OOP rework: Message, Destination, Send_Method
- Reworked messaging_simple, now it uses its own table
- Support for Anonymous destinations / subscriptions.
- Reorganized modules: new template module, moved debug module to notifications_extra, etc..
- Implemented 7.x like API for static variables,
- API and storage improvements for upcoming multilingual support.

Both modules:
- Major OOP rework: Messages, Send_Methods, Subscriptions, Events, etc
- Implemented 7.x like API for static variables, See messaging_static().
- API and storage improvements for upcoming multilingual support.
- Added multilingual templates, passing language for message composition.

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New UI options for subscribe /unsubscribe links not to require a confirmation form. Links have signatures to prevent CSRF.

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Custom subscriptions: Improved and moved into Notifications package. More stable fixed many UI bugs.
Also, it is possible to create custom subscriptions for specific event types, like 'Node updates' or 'Node comments' only.

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Templates can now be defined per event / content type allowing much more granularity. I.e. You can disable notfications for page comments but enable them for Story comments.(Included Module: Content type extension)
There's also a test tool to see which template will be used and how it will look for a specific node event, ike a blog update or a story comment. (Included Module: Notifications Tools)

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Notifications for anonymous users. Anonymous users can now subscribe entering an email address or a phone number for SMS.
They can also get an email with a (signed) link to edit, ancel or administer their subscriptions to the site.
This part needs some polishing yet (Included module: Notifications Anonymous)

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Reworked message templates and filtering:
- Messages can be defined per language, so the translation UI is already there.
- Messaging module comes now with its own filters, doesn't need Input formats anymore (though they can be used)
- The template administration page has got some love. Better help texts, navigation, templates are
- Formats can be defined for each template text, which should allow better formatting and faster processing. Some filters have been optimized for performance too.
Note: This is not yet in beta1, but in the -dev version. Will be in next beta.

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Reworked Messaging filters and formats:
- Streamlined settings and filtering process so they are easier to understand. Filters get their own settings page.
- For each send method you can set up both a 'Filter format' (Input format) and a 'Final filter' (Messaging filter)
- Settings page needs 'administer filters' permission so it is simpler and has all options (if you can access to it)
- Better help texts which explain how text is filtered step by step.
- Messaging filters not available anymore as standard filters for input formats.

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Revamped Notifications admin pages (After Beta 2)
- Moved tabs around for the UI to be cleaner and more functional, hiding 'dangerous' queue options on last tab
- Adding help texts everywhere to explain basic concepts: Subscriptons, Notifications, Queue, Events, etc...
- Added global Subscription types options. These may replace global content type options and UI options (?)

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Revamped Messaging admin & settings:
- Implemented real configurable queueing & loggging: queue and log option for each sending method
- Added some more options for queue processing (no cron, clean up...)
- Added queue status / operations pages for debugging and testing and manual queue process and clean up

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Fantastic work with all these messaging and notification modules! I have just updated to the dev versions and things seem to be working great. I have a question about the confirm and signature part of the subscribe/unsubscribe links.

I'm using views to generate a row of results and I am rewriting one of the fields to create a 'subscribe to bloggers' link. Following is what has been working for me;

<a href=mysite dot com/notifications/subscribe/1/typeauthor/author,type/28,blog?destination=bloggers>Subscribe to this blogger</a>

I would like to be able to skip the confirmation form. This works great on the links that your module generates but how can I create the signature for a situation such as this?

Like following?

<a href=mysite dot com/notifications/subscribe/1/typeauthor/author,type/20,userpost?destination=front&confirm=1&timestamp=1272685258&signature=435475bee0b46eeaee0af94888518ac8>Subscribe to this blogger</a>


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For using signed links, you need to produce the links on the fly with some php. Signatures have a timestamp so they're only valid for a while (1 week). Take a look at notifications_subscription_get_link() and notifications_build_link()...

About new features in Beta 3:
- Added new unsubscribe page for registered and anonymous users
- Implemented workflow to get an email with global unsubscribe link

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Added real Queueing that supports multi-threaded workers:
- For Messaging, this is a new module: Messaging Queue, it can be actually used with drush cron tasks
- For Notifications, there's Notifications_Queue class that can be overridden (just the option of implementing it is there)
See also #797828: Support for high performance queue processing: improving queue API

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Improved Messaging settings:
- Better method settings overview. New 'enable/disable' checkbox.
- New shared mail settings, for all mail sendingmethods
- Added Test feature into the main module (it was in messaging_debug)

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-subscribing & thank you for all your brilliant work on this module. The changes look great!

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I also want to skip the confirmation page
any directions wil be handy (I'm not a coder)

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i'm missing the queue options. anyone else?