Release info

Created by: jcmc
Created on: April 14, 2010 - 18:50
Last updated: April 14, 2010 - 18:55
Core compatibility: 6.x

Release notes

What is new, what is changed

  1. Bugs fixes for the install file.
  2. Functionality to recreate presets by uninstall of Gallery Assist ImageCache.
  3. Blocks and GA-Pager thumbnails can be created from ImageCache.
  4. Configurable size of GA-Pager thumbnails.
  5. Configurable gallery settings in the node edit form. Administrators, site owners can choose which parameters can be configured from the gallery owners in the node edit form.
  6. Administrator can set up default values for "Settings to this gallery" at the fieldset Layout in the Gallery Assist administration.
  7. Upload settings extended with usual Drupal parameters.
  8. ...

in case of patchs, they are immediately commited to the HEAD and downloadable through the dev.
Do not forget, the dev tarball will be created all 12 hours.