I'm using Drupal multi-site to give each of my students their own Drupal site.

Is there a drupal theme that allows students to override the CSS to customize the theme without them having access to the file system.

Tapestry has a 'local content css' option, but it assumes the css file is in the theme folder. I tried to hack it where they could upload their own css file (using IMCE) and point to that, but it isn't working.

Chamfer lets you customize the colors somewhat, but not much else (like adding a background image and so forth).

I have zen and the zenophile and theme_editor modules, but it seems a bit risky (requires opening up editing of files on the drive) and not so reliable or safe (they could edit the main themes, too, I guess).

Drupalgardens lets users customize the themes much more, but they haven't shared their code.


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Have you tried CSS injector? http://drupal.org/project/css_injector

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Thanks, yeah I just found that before I saw your note :)

It works with this minor fix to move the custom css last: (#1 and #3):