Total Validator reported the following error:

98 next problemprevious problemE622 The 'xml:lang' attribute does not have a valid value: Unrecognised, or malformed language code (see
                                     <span class="username" xml:lang="" about="/user/1" typeof="sioc:User" property="foaf:name">
  98                                   adminguy
  98                                 </span>

In addition, I do not see the validity in exposing account names. From my perspective, this is treading on a security issue by exposing account information. I realize that the real name is not available in the user profile.


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The W3C validator reports no error. I've sent an email to discuss this in the RDFa mailing list.

Regarding the username, I don't really understand your point. Drupal displays the username, we just wrap it with a span to annotate it with the right RDFa markup saying what the name of the author is. Can you clarify please?

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I just miss the Real Name module from Drupal 6. While this is not an RDF issue, I just wonder about the validity of having the account name as the author. If I have different account names on different systems there is no symantic connection, even though I am the same author. As it is, Bing and Yahoo show me as having a relationship to "Whispering Bill." I even get his fan mail.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

please reopen if you can reproduce the validation issue. the user issue is OT.