Whe want to use Drupal E-commerce instead of Joomla Virtuemart due of its simplicity. I have problems making products categorisable. Problem is when I use apparel products with subproducts (a product with extra choices, like sizes), all subproduct combinations are shown as separate products in its category. This is because e-commerce makes new products (nodes) for every possible sub-product combination (say Tshirt x 6 colors x 5 sizes makes 30 products).

Does anyone have a solution for this? Can I categorise products that have options? I see this as a basic need for every webshop, so there must me a solution.....I think....

Thanks in advance for any help.




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By the way,

I use latest version of e-commerce 4.7 (02-08-2006)
I tried both taxonomy and categories.module for categorising

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AND you can try the category module... I just recently had the same problem.... I installed the category module and it worked..

The thing you said about the drupal creates nodes for every piece of content (a product for instance) is the exact reason why the category module will work for you ... it lets you categorise nodes into categories ... and the product and subproducts wich you enter into your site are exactly that... nodes...

I too have come from phpshop / virtuemart on mambo/joomla... so keep in touch about your directions, we might be able to help each other out along the way ...


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Hi Gdev,

Pleasant to see a reply from you again.

I did exactly (but probably not) what you discribed. If I use the category module, create a category, and create a "mother" apparel product into this category, all "child" subproducts I create are added to the same category automaticaly. So I cannot blame Drupal showing all subproducts when calling the overview of this category, though it's not what I would like to see...

I'm gonne give it a try again, see if I did something wrong. If you have any clues, please feel free to share'm.

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...and had a tiny success, not a breakthrough. There are 2 ways to workaround the problem:
1. make the category-container "not required", then first create the product AND subproducts, next edit the "mother" product and assign the category to it. After save, only the "mother" product is added to the category.
2. make the category-container "not required", then first create the product, add it promptly to the category AND create subproducts, next edit the "child" subproducts and un-assign the category. Now too only the "mother" product is been added to the category.

Both are not user friendly methods for adding products, I hope to find a better way, with a little/lot off help from you drupal-forum users ofcourse.

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