Download views-6.x-3.0-alpha3.tar.gztar.gz 1.56 MB
MD5: fe7b96742eb7d8f62f011f9106896256
SHA-1: 32bee84fd9555f49e6d5c9744f145f58b5858101
SHA-256: 4b62971c1646359b9801f45a32b05dc4a160b61d64e437ab142ac29d52f7548d
Download views-6.x-3.0-alpha3.zipzip 1.74 MB
MD5: 437509c636388918615f0ae7d9a6bc06
SHA-1: 84c38074b407c81a1f12e0dea47b8b8f82d5fa26
SHA-256: 0537e51c1da985dcb5520bf04723b228be0675e6a2cb1106076bd23929ad7569

Release info

Created by: merlinofchaos
Created on: April 7, 2010 - 23:48
Last updated: April 7, 2010 - 23:52
Core compatibility: 6.x

Release notes

  • #705668 by dereine: Fix glossary view, add tests for glossary view.
  • #699426 by dereine: Tests pluggable pagers.
  • #679714 by dereine: test: groupby sum. avg, min, max.
  • #706464 by dereine: Test full(normal) pager plugin.
  • #681726 by drewish: Allow term edit link field.
  • #422434 by BWPanda: Correct (NULL) to (NOT NULL) in varios operator descriptions for empty/not empty.
  • #685622 by dereine: Field to provide link to a node revision.
  • #692428 by Roi Danton: Documentation typo fix.
  • #484600 by dereine: Ability to disable the automatic live preview.
  • #694094 by yhahn: Allow default views cache to be reset.
  • #654738 by Scott Reynolds: Offset date filter missing current time.
  • #716236 by jmiccolis: Allow default menu tabs to also have menu entries.
  • #713210 by dereine: Node language settings could persist for subsequent rows if they should not have had a language.
  • #674772 by joachim: Unable to distinguish profile.module fields with same name in different profile categories.
  • #704490 by domidc: Remove invalid short tags from template.
  • #727798 by SteveReher: Fix typo in overrides.html documentation.
  • #621980 by yhahn: Namespace tabs.js to guarantee no conflicts with jQuery UI.
  • #684656 by yhahn: Prevent Views from performing an unneeded variable_set() during block list.
  • #721358 by dereine: Unable to select "Limit list to selected items." With tests.
  • #737120 by james.williams: Fix help text for date offsets which gave incorrect information.
  • #737118 by DeFr: Allow API calls to delete to not clear the views cache to facilitate batch operations.
  • #673852 by yhahn: Allow access plugins to choose whether or not "access all views" should be used.
  • #550132 by tha_sun: Allow plugins to better control the callbacks used for page type displays.
  • #546586 by jeffschuler: String 0 values were being treated as empty therefore not displayed as fields.
  • #651274 by dagmar: Show relationship labels in field lists for style config forms.
  • #531686 by jweowu: Update process failed to properly track its history, causing errors when updating from really old sites.
  • #548292 by mikeker: Create a "Node: path" field that can be used to display the aliased path to a node.
  • #738608 by dagmar: Footer cannot be overridden.
  • #638004 by stBorchert and BillyMG: If a field "Output as link" ends up with an empty path, do not actually print an empty link.
  • #657384 by smoothify: Under rare circumstances, date default argument could get wrong value.
  • #658842 by tomgf: Provide a proper ellipsis instead of "...".
  • #662654 by dereine: Do not use query to load/validate a user if the user happens to be the logged in user.
  • #666912 by dereine: Prevent imports of views created by newer, incompatible versions of Views.
  • #672864 by dereine: Add a column count class to the table style for themers to more easily do generic targeting.
  • #552498 by dereine: User email as an argument.
  • #515324 by dereine: Make API documentation easier to find.
  • #640862 by dereine: Properly clear feed icon when cloning a view to prevent duplicate feed icons in attachments.
  • #672044 by moshebeeri: Right-To-Left for views.css.
  • #488314 by yhahn: Allow relationship to fetch nodes from terms.
  • #677936 by mr.baileys: "views-row-last" class accidentally omitted on grids with just one row.
  • #685938 by dereine: Sync preview widget to current tab to reduce WTFs when previewing the wrong display.
  • #673184 by markus petrux: Default views not always properly loaded by language.
  • #433948 by dereine: "numeric" => FALSE not properly supported in handler definitions.
  • #708618 by thsutton: Friendlier message when a handler is missing.
  • #739448 by brunodbo: Allow "Jump Menu" to set the "Choose" text in style options.
  • #701588 by dereine: Delete button should say Revert on Overridden views.
  • #704958 by davisbc1982: Fix working in pager exposed form.
  • #508124 by dereine: "accept_null" should have been "accept null" in boolean filter definitions.
  • #513396 by yhager: Attempt multi-byte safety for "trim at word boundary" setting.
  • #418230 by Scott Reynolds: Views adds wrong nid with "Node: Has new content".
  • #558602 by dboulet and Crashtest_: Summary views should provide "active" class on links properly.
  • #496634 by dereine: Fix long-standing issue of "0" not being a valid argument for multiple integer CCK types.
  • #521954 by Agileware: Allow taxonomy breadcrumbs to link to actual taxonomy page instead of back to view.
  • #720012 by dereine: Exposed offset was accidentally using items per page text and field.
  • #528838 by zzolo: If exposed form is in a block, and the form does not validate, ensure the form does not render twice.
  • #727304 by mariusz.slonina: User edit link was disallowing users from editing themselves.
  • #730454 by stella: Add "translate" link along with view/edit/delete links on nodes.
  • #474174 by dereine: Analyze will now warn about "node/%" not being a valid path for Views.
  • #711968 by dereine: Taxonomy selections could disappear on upgrade.
  • #733142 by dereine: Link path field restricts input to too few characters for long links.
  • #619642 by dereine: Allow argument for user language.
  • #721168 by infojunkie: Guard against uninstantiated pagers.
  • #675154 by dereine and Crashtest_: Improvements to rendering trim text and tag stripping.
  • #675264 by peck66: Freeform profile list field did not output properly.
  • #663372 by dan.nsk: Allow tokens to work in the "target" field during link rewriting.
  • #720874 by dereine: Fix division by zero error in full pager when "items per page" is set to 0.
  • #698270 by dereine, dagmar: Fix pager legacy functions view::set_items_per_page() and view::set_offset().
  • #730810 by alex_b: Add fields for authmap table.
  • #747418 by dereine: Fix taxonomy term ID bug introduced in #496634.
  • #666920 by dereine: Include actual API version in exports.
  • #689446 by dereine: Allow use of l() in link rewriting to not check for aliases.
  • #684608 by dereine: Default argument to acquire a taxonomy tid from the URL or a node in the URL.
  • #319991 by dereine: Add a search widget for "Enabled" and "Disabled" in view admin.
  • #466250 by alex_b and dereine: Enlarge views_display field to prevent heavy displays from losing data.
  • #496840 by dereine: Allow boolean filters to define additional output formats and provide an additional for Node: Sticky.
  • #689260 by dereine: Allow "Node type" field to output the machine name as well as the human readable name.
  • #689780 by deviantintegral: AJAX scrolling could go to wrong place.
  • #740686 by jacine: Introduce $classes array in views-view.tpl.php.
  • #582348 by dagmar: Allow UI setting a CSS class for views-view.tpl.php
  • #682030 by killes: Add term relation table integration.
  • #697794 by dagmar: Fix notice issue when convering from 2.x area handlers.
  • #339758 by dereine: Better handling for display of set options in multiple choice filters.
  • #330160 by aditya_kristanto: Improve text to make it easier to find where to edit the view description.
  • #765022: SA-CONTRIB-2010-036: Fix XSS and PHP vulnerabilities.